Make the most out of the global workforce

 We provide a variety of contingency positioning that will work in adherence to your unique project or service demands.

  • Project-Based Staffing
  • Outsourced Staffing
  • Managed IT Staffing
  • IT Staffing Advisory
  • IT Talent Assessment
  • IT Coaching
  • Independent IT Market Research

We fill positions based on either a long or short-term basis, depending on your requirements. We source talent through experience and specialization, delivering you with individuals that will enhance your project results. Lastly, we work in consulting and coaching roles, helping you to fortify your existing operation before you elect to hire permanent staff moving forward.



 Contingent IT Talent: Why You Should Care

Contingent workforces are sweeping the world, with close to one-third of North America working in some kind of contingent position today. As an IT business owner, you might be asking yourself: why should I care about this? Here are a few reasons to approach this new way of doing business with an open mind:

  • Workloads: When there are spikes in workloads, suddenly, your staff might not be able to perform at their peak ability. Contingent staff can come in and handle the overflow, ensuring your clients stay pleased with your service offerings.
  • Gaps: Some projects might call for infrastructure you aren’t able to provide. Contingent IT workers can help with their areas of expertise, filling in the gaps until the project is complete.
  • Specialization: Contingent workers are characterized according to their skillset. You can work with staff that are expertly adept in one area of specialization to augment your current projects.

There’s no doubt that the “gig” economy is here to stay. Accept this newfound convenient change to how we do business, and welcome in IT contingency staff with open arms this year.